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the best keyboard apple ever made
a better keyboard
for your PC

Praised by those who earn their living at a keyboard, the Tactile Pro feels and sounds so good, it'll bring a smile to your face and a devil-may-care attitude to your work.

Designed for typing
— NOT gaming.

In continuous production for over 10 years, it counts among its growing list of fans: coders, lawyers, judges, poets, playwrights, comedians, movie critics... writers of every sort.

Legendary feel & speed
of ALPS mechanical keyswitches.

There was a time when the best keyboards in the world had ALPS mechanical keyswitches — legendary designs by Apple, IBM, SGI, Northgate, and others.

While lesser (cheaper) technologies have since taken over, the Tactile Pro has endured and remains faithful to the original feel, speed, and quality offered by ALPS mechanical keyswitches.

We've kept this technology alive and love using it as much as you will.

What makes ALPS switches
so good for typing?

ALPS switches provide more tactile and auditory feedback than any other switch currently made. This makes them PERFECT for typing...

When you press a key, tactile feedback lets you FEEL the exact spot where it triggers.

This makes it EASIER to type faster and more accurately — because each finger now knows when its work is done.

In particular, you'll experience FEWER transposition errors, which happen when you press the right keys, in the wrong order.

Why are gaming keyboards
bad for typing?

Gaming keyboards are great for gaming, but they're not tactile. Without tactile feedback, you can't feel the actuation points. You either have to press the keys all the way down (extra work) or just guess how far you need to press.

That's the exact opposite of what you want in a good typing keyboard.

Sculpted keytops.

Key detailThe latest trend in keyboards is to have very flat & wide keys, with little or no space between them — virtually all laptops have them now. While they look great, they can also be a little tricky to type on. The flatness makes it very easy to slide out of home row and lose your bearings.

The Tactile Pro bucks this trend. It has traditional sculpted keytops, curved to fit your fingertips, and keep you from sliding out of home position.

Laser etched keys.

All those symbols are handy, but what happens when they wear off? They won't. They're laser etched — burned into the keys with a laser — so they'll never wear off.

3 extra USB 2.0 ports.

USB devices

Some keyboards have 2 USB ports — most have none. We're giving you three!.

You can plug in flash drives, digital cameras, your mouse, and more. It's a huge convenience.

Volume controls.

Dedicated keys let you control Volume Up, Volume Down, and Mute.

Tab key on the
number pad.

Key detailFor users who do a lot of spreadsheet work or accounting entries, we've added a Tab key to the number pad. It streamlines your workflow, and saves you time.

Ghosts busted.

Most keyboards allow only a few keys to be pressed at once, so they can't keep up with very fast typists. The result is called ghosting — letters missing from what you actually typed, or additional letters that you didn't type.

The Tactile Pro has special Anti-Ghosting Circuitry (also called n-key rollover) to eliminate these problems. You can type as fast as you're able; the Tactile Pro will keep up.