Matias MiniRizer – Pocket-sized gadget stand

The pocket-sized stand for all your little gadgets.

How many times have you wanted to charge your iPod or iPhone from your computer or some else's, without the hassle of synchronizing to iTunes, or worse, worrying about accidentally erasing all your music?

Introducing the Tune Blocker™. With the flip of a switch, Tune Blocker allows you to choose whether you want to simply charge your iPod or iPhone, or sync it to your iTunes library as well.

MiniRizer in carrying sleeve Blocks iTunes to Charge
• plug & unplug at will – no more warning messages
• safely charge from any computer
• protects your music from being overwritten

MiniRizer in carrying sleeve Connects to iTunes to Sync & Charge
• sync & charge – just like a regular cable

It also works with iPod/iPhone power adapters, so you only need to take one sync cable with you – a Tune Blocker!

MiniRizer angles

Take the stand, and testify.
USB connectors are flat. iPod connectors are flat. If you try plugging one in upside down, it won't go in. You need to flip it over and try again. Very annoying.

The Tune Blocker's USB and iPod plugs have raised lettering so you can feel which way is up. You'll get it right every time.


where can I get one?

Tune Blocker™
Cable (3ft)
$19.95 USD

No Longer Available

To use with an iPhone 5 or iOS device with a Lightning Connector, you will need a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter.


  Best of Show 2009 - iProng Magazine

Chosen by iProng Magazine as a "Best of Show" iPhone/iPod product at Macworld Expo 2009!


  Made for iPod & iPhone

Compatible with iPhone and iPod models with dock connectors.


Copyright © 2008 Matias Corporation. Tune Blocker, Matias, and the Matias logo are trademarks of the Matias Corporation. iPod, iPhone, and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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